IMA -THANA Organises a Conference on Application of HECS-Daiki Johkasou Technology Packaged Sewage Treatment plants in Hospitals

Indian Medical Association (IMA) collaborated with Telangana Hospitals & Nursing Homes Association (THANA) in conducting a Seminar on “State of Art Hecs-Daiki STP Plant implementation in Hospitals” at the IMA building conference hall, Koti. The event aimed to create awareness among the members of Thana and IMA on the new packaged Johkasou technology that are to be implemented in the hospital.

The seminar was attended by over a 100 personnel comprising of THANA administrators, statutory bodies, Medical Organisations and faculty members. Dr. L Suresh Goud -Treasurer of Woodlands Hospital, a Chief Guest for the event addressed the gathering and appreciated the new concept. He expressed the need for new advanced technologies in this field like Johkasou Technology from Japan and stated that Telangana will always be open to new technologies. Dr. K. Satyasagar (President of THANA) and Dr. Y. Ravinder (General Secretary of THANA) also participated in the event and addressed the gathering.

Dr.J.R.Moses (CEO, HECS) , while addressing the gathering , spoke on how the Johkasou STP Technology can help solve  crucial issues  in Water Treatment. He stressed on the merits of the Johkasou STP Technology which meets Regulatory requirements and also ensures low maintenance costs as the plant requires no operator to run the same on a day-to-day basis.  He added that since his company launched Johkasou STPs in early 2018 about 50 no’s of HECS-DAIKI Johkasou STPs having been successfully installed across the Country.

The Seminar ended with a Q&A session where the attendees raised valuable questions, for which Dr. Moses and Mr. Rio, who is in charge of the Johkasou technology in India, answered splendidly.