Our Environmental laboratory offers analysis of Air, Water, Solids, Noise, Illumination, Micrometeorology etc. in Physiochemical and Microbiological parameters as per BIS/PCB standards.
The Air Lab has been fully upgraded to meet National Ambient Air Quality (NAAQ) 2009 parameters as warranted by Ministry Of Environment & Forests.
Microbiology Lab has capability to monitor global clean room parameters and toxicity studies in addition to the existing facilities for testing water and food samples.
The team consists of three Doctorates & about  thirty postgraduates and graduates in basic & environmental sciences. There are continuous in house & external training programmes conducted for updation of analytical and monitoring skills


Research & Development  
Water and Waste Water Treatment simulation studies with physiochemical and microbiological processes
Development of waste water specific enzymes and bio catalysts for enhancing treatability of pollutants.
Education & Training 
Several students are guided for their doctoral and post-Doctoral studies from various TN Universities.