We are one of the first to supply electrical fired evaporators with high efficiency utilities for high toxic effluent water. Our range of evaporators also include LPG and Diesel fired evaporators. Our evaporators are designed under mild vacuum and have proprietary engineering which gives high performance and low utility consumption.

It has insitu capability of flushing out of precipitates so as to avoid scaling losses and poor heat transfer transfer.Our evaporators have been time tested and operating in normal conditions for ten years and beyond.

Multiple effect evaporators operate under vacuum and thereby reduce the boiling point of the liquid. The vapours of first stage are used as heating medium of the next stage and so on. This reduces the steam requirements and increases evaporation efficiency per kg of steam.

HECS has expertise in manufacturing both Forced Circulation and Falling Film Evaporators from Single Stage to Triple Stage.

HECS has expertise in both Steam and Thermic Fluid based heating medium used in these evaporators. Our multiple effect evaporators are the most cost efficient ones in the market